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How Do I Find and Replace Multiple Paragraph Returns In Pages?

Paste Tab and Return characters into text fields Aug 31, '06 Have you ever wanted to type a Tab character, or a carriage return line break , into a text field, but it either tabs to the next field, or hits the default button i. A good example is TextEdit's Find dialog.

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With TextEdit open, type a Tab or Return character into a document, select it, then copy it. Now you can paste your special character into a text field. The only use I can think of with this is a query and also replace.

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Tab and Return would make good text snippets; I just tested this with Butler, and it worked. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Paste Tab and Return characters into text fields Authored by: It works in many cases so f.

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X11 on Aug 31, '06 Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. User Functions Username: I would prefer not to have to go through page after page highlighting and deleting all the redundant symbols. Pages Help does say that characters can be found and replaced.

Is there some way round this or another solution or editing application I can use with Pages? Yes, you can do this. Coders know the secret.

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There, you can search just a section of the document—either above or below where your cursor is now. You can also search by formatting to find all text in 13 point Arial italics , language, or with special characters like an em dash or paragraph marker. And you can replace with those same settings, too, as a way to change the font just on text that's already in a specific font.

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Tweak the settings enough, and you can find just about anything you want in your documents. It's one of the most powerful search tools for formatted text. If you're a developer, odds are you'll need to bulk edit your code, too. In Sublime Text, that will show an outline around every search result—click Find all to select each of those results if you'd like to copy them first.

You can search by capitalization or only have Sublime Text return full words and not partial matches. Need to find something tricker?

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Your apps' built-in find and replace tools are perfect to cleanup text while you're writing and working, but you won't always have time to do that manually. What if you're automating your work with Zapier workflows, and you need to replace text automatically? Say you have a workflow that watches your store for new sales and sends you the details in an SMS message.

Your "Extra Awesome Superpowered Watergun" is your best seller—but you only need to know that someone ordered a "watergun," not the whole name in your text message.

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Or perhaps you use Zapier to post your new products to Facebook, but your product pages include your store's name—and that's on your page, and you don't want to repeat yourself in the new post. A Zapier Formatter Replace step can clean those up for you, replacing the text with something you want or removing text you don't need. Here's how:. Now type in what you want Zapier to find in the Find field.

Enter standard text to find words and numbers—or use Zapier's special characters to find characters that aren't as easy to type.

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You can use:. Then add the text you want to replace—or leave the Replace field blank to just delete the text. You can use those special characters here too, if you want. Say you have a list of items separated by commas, and you want each item on a new line. Have Zapier find , and replace it with [: Once you're done, test that step, and Zapier will automatically find and replace everything you want, so your text is ready to use in the next app.