Using iTunes to Arrange Home Screen Icons

Station is also a free download straight from the developer and acts as a central hub for your web apps.

You pick the apps to include, log into your accounts and then Station rounds them all up in a single window. Each of your apps in Station is just a click away -- icons for each sit along the navigation panel on the the app's left edge.

macOS: Use Apple Configurator 2 to Rearrange iOS Apps - The Mac Observer

It's much easier to switch between apps and documents in Station than it is using tabs in a browser. And with all of your apps in a single window, you can search across all of your apps in Station.

Station also groups the notifications from all of your apps in one place to help keep you on top of your day-to-day workflow. And you can toggle off notifications if you want to put your head down and focus on the task at hand. Read more: Everything you need to know about MacOS Mojave. How to set up Google's two-step verification: With a few minutes of setup time, your account will be much more secure.

3 Mac apps to get and stay organized

How to book an Uber or Lyft with Google Home: The sad news is that the processing time of scanning each device takes time. And, the recent update of iTunes, starting from the The aforementioned methods provide different schemes to organize apps stored on your iPhone. To summarize, AppButler is your go-to when you want to modify how your icons are shown.

However, if you want a more advanced function, you can select between ApowerManager and iTunes. These two allows users to handle their applications efficiently by providing them the ability to install, uninstall, delete, and synchronize. Best App Organizers for iPhone.

Top 3 Application Manager for iPhone

Download This video shows you how to use this tool to organize your apps: Related posts: Posted by: Last updated on September 11, Leave a Comment 0 Comment. Please input your name!

What's On My Macbook Pro - Organizing Your Life + Favorite Apps

Please input a valid email address! Thanks HarleyfromHenderson but I want use itunes on my mac to move apps etc. That used to be an option.

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Apple will allow you to revert back to If you download that version, you will no longer get notices to update to a newer version. It was mainly meant for businesses but individuals can use it too. Do not uninstall Deploy apps in a business environment with iTunes - Apple Support. Jun 9, 8: I updated this version of iTunes on my Mac.

Arranging Apps on Your iPad or iPhone

When I have the applications menu pulled up on my Mac and my iPhone connected to it, I can see only the apps that are currently on my iPhone. My library will not pull up so I figured this might be because the iTunes on my phone is a different version than what's on my Mac. Do you think I am on the right track? Jun 9, 9: If you want to manage apps in iTunes you need version If your phone has iOS 9. Jun 14, 1: When my device iPhone SE or iPad Pro is connected to my computer and iTunes lets me see a list of home screens on my device — but the list of apps from where I used to move them to one of the home screens is missing.

Jun 14, 7: It probably is your itunes library.