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You can scan that code from your Android device: Open Android Messages, tap the menu button three dots on the top right, choose Messages for web , and then hit Scan QR code.

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Point your phone's camera at the QR code on the computer screen, and after a brief pause, you should see all of your messages sync to your computer. This web interface will stay in sync with your phone: Any texts you send on the web appear in the conversation list on your phone and vice versa.

iMessage (for iOS)

Click any of these threads to view older chats. When messages roll in, your browser can notify you—turn on this option by clicking the menu button three dots on the top left of the screen and picking Settings. From the same menu, you can also enable or disable a darker visual theme. You can also accessorize the text with the icons at the bottom of the screen, which let you add emoji, stickers, and photos stored on your computer.

Given the flexibility of Android , you don't have to settle for Google's solution.

How to set up Mac OS X Messages to send SMS texts — Apple World Today

One alternative we'd recommend is Pulse SMS, another Android messaging app that comes with a web interface. It provides a few extra features that Android Messages doesn't: Alternatively, when you first open the app, you may see a Change SMS app? Next, set up a Pulse SMS account: This gives you access to that seven-day trial, and after that, the program will start billing you. Once you set up the app on your phone, grab your computer, head to the Pulse website , and log in with your new account credentials.

As with Android Messages, all your conversations will sync between the web interface and the phone app. Your conversations will appear on the left, and you can click on any of them to continue chatting or click the plus button on the lower right to start a new thread. For these, the setup process is largely the same. Instead, it works in the background of your existing texting app to sync messages between that Android app and the MightyText website. In front of the scenes, the free version works much like Android Messages. To get started, you need to connect MightyText to whatever Google account you've linked with your phone.

This part is easy—just download the app, open it, and follow the on-screen prompts. Then take your computer, head to the MightyText website , and log in with the same Google credentials. After taking a few minutes to copy over all your contact names and photos, the page should display your conversations on the left side of the screen. You can click any of these conversations to continue chatting via SMS.

Or search for a contact using the search bar at the top of the page and click New Message. You can type out any message, and buttons inside the pane let you add photos, GIFs, and emojis. Then hit Enter to send out your message.

How to Transfer iPhone Messages to Your Mac

Just be aware that, with the free version of MightyText, you can only send messages per month through the website this doesn't affect your ability to send texts from your phone. Upgrading to MightyText Pro, in addition to the perks we've already mentioned, lets you send an unlimited number of texts from the web, apply a variety of themes to the interface, save drafts to send later, remove ads, and more.

By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. Step 3: Better to uncheck everything but the phone number, on each devices. If all went well, each of your devices will show all of your incoming messages, and show all of your sent ones. Bonus tip 1: That opens the conversation in its own window. That way, you can keep key conversations in view. Bonus tip 2: Just click and hold on the picture, then drag onto the other conversation.

Bonus tip 3: Or just drag it onto the conversation— anywhere on it! So easy. Any questions? Did this help you?

Tell a friend use the sharing buttons. Turns out there is no way to get the same functionality on your Windows 7 PCs.

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You would think you could do it through a web app at iCloud. The best you can do for now is screen-sharing. That is, leave your Mac turned on, and share its screen to your PC. You can do this a few ways: What app would you recommend to be the most versatile to remote into my Mac at home, from my office Win7Pro pc? Texts now pop up on my MacBook and it is such a pleasure to be able to reply: If it is, sign out, then sign in again.

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Your wife can certainly sign into the same Apple ID for iMessage as you. Tap there and you should be able to put in your Apple ID and password. It gets a little tricky. Look at your iPhone after she signs into your account.

How to View iPhone Texts on Computer or from iCloud

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