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Leaveing idle for a few hours and when I back, just beachball. On force quit, application window stays on screen. Cannot quit, cannot start anything. Only power of helps.

MacBook Pro 2017 with Touch Bar. Frozen - Epic Fail - Unresponsive.

MBP TB. Try to open activity monitor, and it never opens.

How to force an app to quit

Every app I try to open not responding. I happen to have had Activity Monitor already open just now and was able to see that coreservicesuiagent was not responding… along with chrome and dropbox… then I tried to open another another program and that quickly turned to not responding as well.

What to Do when Your Mac Freezes - dummies

The same with me. Last few days I was editing video on iMovie a lot not a porn movies: D and it crashes even times a day. Eventually it crashed my project in iMovie — all the clips where disconnected from the source and I had to spent 8h to get this project to the same point when it crashed. Also leaving Macbook for a night to sync timemachine with NAS server all apps are closed fails. After few hours my Macbook is turned off. Each time it hangs it turns off after few minutes. Make sure OS X itself, and any apps you use regularly, are up to date, because a software update may have fixed a crash-producing bug.

Disconnect peripherals: If you attached any new devices recently—especially USB devices—try disconnecting them. Restart and see if the problem recurs. If not, the device may be faulty or, more likely, it may require updated software or firmware. Disable plug-ins: Try a safe boot: To disable certain software that loads at startup and to run cleanup processes that may resolve random gremlins in your system, try a safe boot: Restart your Mac, and, immediately after you hear the startup sound, press and hold the Shift key until the gray Apple logo appears on the screen.

If the problem goes away, restart again normally and try again. Repair your disk: Disk errors can lead to all sorts of problems, crashes included.

Mac troubleshooting: How to handle freezes and crashes

Run Apple Hardware Test: Add RAM: Extra RAM can speed up many operations on your Mac and can reduce the likelihood of crashes and hangs related to running out of memory. Mac troubleshooting: What to do when you can't connect to the Internet. A rare case that can signal two things: There's a way you can check if the latter is the case without taking your Mac to a service store. Install iStat Menus and use its indicators to see if there's an ongoing problem with your drives or battery.

Pay attention to the CPU temperature and battery life in particular. Another way to diagnose your Mac would be to run a specific hardware test administered by Apple itself. Put your Mac on a table or anything flat a soft bed would be a poor choice. When a Mac freezes, those solutions are reactive, and while you are going to be up and running again soon, you should think about fixes that will help you avoid crashes in the future. CleanMyMac is one way to cleanup an untidy Mac. Other apps worth installing from Setapp collection include iStat Menus we mentioned before, a handy app that will quickly identify what is absorbing so much CPU processing power and advise those applications are closed.

Unlike Activity Menu, iStat Menus providers users with even more useful data, and is available through Setapp, along with hundreds of other apps for Mac customers, all for one convenient price. Remember to pay attention to CPU temperature as a key potential indicator of an upcoming freeze. When it's too high, quit apps and processes that take too much of its power.

That's about it on the matter of freezing Macs, we hope this article has been of help.

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Every app we mentioned is available on Setapp, an app collection by subscription. More than a hundred ultra-useful tools for all kinds of Mac maintenance, lifestyle, and work tasks. Sign up to try it. How to Fix Frozen Mac Why does Mac keep freezing? Here are some of the main reasons Macs freeze most of the time. Main reasons your Mac is frozen Too many apps running this affects memory and cpu Too many background processes same App crashed there's a problem with a single app Sluggish browser too many tabs open Overworked email client too many attachments macOS loaded with system junk or needs an update Not enough free hard drive space Hardware problem with your disk or RAM diagnostics required Malware the ones that cause Macs to open multiple windows or draft emails, thus overloading the system How to fix a frozen Mac Let's start with a bit of obvious advice: First aid: How to unfreeze a Mac First, you need to bring your Mac back to life.

How to retrieve lost data after the freeze What if you resurrected your Mac and realized some of the files are missing? Now, let's make sure your Mac doesn't make a freeze into a habit. Most common Mac freeze reasons and fixes Freeze because of a specific app Apps may running in the background, freeze and crash. How to uninstall and app with CleanMyMac: Install CleanMyMac from Setapp and launch it.

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  4. Find Uninstaller tab. Find the app in question. Checkmark it and click Uninstall. How to quit a frozen or unresponsive app When an app freezes, which becomes obvious when an application is unresponsive in the middle of something, or you are shown the spinning beachball of despair, you can Force Quit either in the app, from the dock or main menu. Freeze because of a cluttered desktop A cluttered desktop can seriously slow down your Mac, and can also cause many problems.

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    8. Freeze because of crushing background apps This is usually when an app has been running without you realizing it. Freeze because too many apps are running at once How many are too many? Freeze because there's no space on hard drive An overloaded drive can be the reason your Mac fails to work properly and freezes or nearly-freezes. To clean your hard drive with CleanMyMac: Open CleanMyMac.

      Choose the Smart Scan in the left side Click Scan.

      Most common Mac freeze reasons and fixes

      Hit Run. Find what you'd like to remove in there. Hit Remove.