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Comes with BOTH upper and lower ribbon cables! Only 8 left in stock - order soon. Note that you don't need to transfer the gaskets from the original fan, only the screws. Only 16 left in stock - order soon.

Ultimate Mac mini Setup - 2018

Currently unavailable. No, seriously. TL;DR Buy this fan. Lower power and more airflow than the 0. There are 3 versions of the fans that fit in the Unibody Mac mini and their ratings are as follows: I picked up a Late, 2.

Apple Mac Mini 2012 Body Casing A1347 Housing Case 923-0249

First, this new one showed signs of a possibly bad fan and I bought the one listed here. Thankfully, due to a bad sensor now corrected I was rather familiar with overriding the SMC and controlling the fans through a custom script. Using a cheap anemometer and an optical tach, I clocked the relative airflow of each of the fans and the full 12V in the case. The following are the relative speeds: See All Buying Options.

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Great buy. Included tools. Installed perfectly. I did research on a lot of brands and read review after review. The same thing kept popping up. If you have a Mac, buy Mac products to use with it. I personally thought that was a bunch of bull and decided to see what Amazon had to offer. I came across the little piece while doing an initial re-search on brands.

This adapter rocks. It has more flexibility in it than the Apple adapter I played around with in the store and is a fraction of the cost. It works like a champ. Apple seems to have some sort of cult following about their products that the die hards seem to always say "if you have an Apple device, buy apple accessories" and this I had 4gb or ram in my Macbook Pro late , it was literally crawling. I came across this Timetec ram at Amazon.

Apple Mac Mini Server A Early/late Top Case Grade B | eBay

I was a bit skeptical because I never heard of this brand. But because of the rating I wanted to give it a shot. The installation was super easy. Now my mac responds very fast. Most importantly, my Mac mini is my vault.

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I use SuperDuper! In truth, I could stand to be more vigilant about making sure that I shuttle files onto the mini more regularly. Since I do most of my day-to-day work on the iMac, I generally only remember to move files from there every once in a while. But many of the the files on that mini go back a long way, in some cases all the way back to the very earliest documents I created on my original Macs. In many cases, a lot of these server-based technologies are being obviated by services that run in the cloud and handle common tasks like file storage or streaming media.

The one major advantage to running your own server is that you have control over everything, from soup to nuts. Dan has been writing about all things Apple since , when he first started contributing to the MacUser blog. On its 40th anniversary, 40 things we love about Apple. How the fourth-generation Apple TV grew on me.