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Simply specify how much you expect to earn or spend in each category for a given time interval weekly, monthly, yearly. Moneydance can then show you a comparison of how your budget compares to your actual income and expenses for any time period. The Infinite Kind Modification Date: January 29, Requirements: It doesn't make you put your data online No costly subscription or forced upgrades Supports Mac and Windows License: Moneyspire Inc.

Modification Date: It's designed to keep you from overspending by using proactive budgeting techniques. It also helps you direct your extra money to debt reduction and savings so you end up with a nice cash buffer for emergencies and a more stress-free life. Diligent Robot Modification Date: January 22, Requirements: Whether you operate from home or have several hundred staff, there is a MoneyWorks solution for you. MoneyWorks is the accounting software that can do the things the others can't: MoneyWorks is robust, fast, and scalable yet simple and user-friendly, with an excellent audit trail and superior reporting capabilities.

December 16, Requirements: Intuit Modification Date: January 23, Requirements: Quicken Inc. January 31, Requirements: Track all of the financial accounts you might have including banking, credit cards, investments and others. Generate a variety of customizable reports and budget to keep your spending on target.

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Track and monitor your individual investments and your investment portfolio as a whole. Scimonoce Software Modification Date: January 17, Requirements: TinyBooks Pro is a flexible, non-bloated, single-entry bookkeeping program and the perfect companion to help with taxes throughout and especially at the end of the year. Though designed with small businesses in mind, it can also be used in the home to help with the family finances. Thoughtfully designed and easy to use, iBank is updated on a regular basis and the developer is attentive to customer needs, which means that the features you want typically show up when the application is updated.

What makes iBank a worthwhile replacement for Quicken is the fact that, like Quicken, it is capable of automatically downloading your banking information. Great graphs, great features, and intelligent design make iBank an excellent Quicken alternative. This makes Moneywell different—and I think better—than almost every other personal finance application currently available for the Mac. Like iBank, Moneywell makes it easy to import your banking data, and offers excellent graphs and a number of other tools to manage your income and expenses.

It also does a great job of importing the banking files you download from your bank. While you may be reticent to leave your financial data hanging around in the cloud, there are some features about this web-based app that make it particularly valuable. Second, with a very little bit of training, Mint. I recently set this up on my Macbook Air. It takes about 15GB. uses cookies.

It works pretty well. Freaking out here. I got no email message from intuit and had no idea this was going to happen. Could use some help…. I just upgraded to Lion a few days ago.

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Loving the new environment, with iCloud…and my new iPhone 4s…how could I not? I use that exclusively to send electronic payments through to my online banking institution, track scheduled payments and recurring payments, including our retirement investments. With no way to access my previous Quicken data file because I discovered this after the upgrade to Lion and no suitable software interface to switch to and start over again… WHAAAA???

I hope they do the right thing but, in the meantime, here we sit…with our thumbs you-know-where. Great news form Quicken for MAC users.

Site address is MoneyDance. Neither of them handle mutual funds in a practical manner. Instead they have a cash balance, which for mutual funds is 0 zero. How useless is that? In portfolio view, I get a pie chart showing me that per cent of a mutual fund account is invested in, guess what, mutual funds. With Quicken I, when I transferred money between one fund and another, I could see the transfer on the register. I also appreciated the ability to look over my quickfill and category lists in Quicken.

Installed an exterior hard drive running Snow Leopard. My techie son saved all my Quicken files and reinstalled on the exterior HD. What a big pain in the ….!! One person serves on the Boards of both Apple and Quicken!

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Is it too late for them to wake up??? Any simple suggestions anyone? Search for: Mac OS X Lion The options are not pretty: You can switch to Quicken Essentials for Mac. Turns out, at tax time, knowing the details of what you bought, at what price, and when are kind of important. At least, the IRS thinks so. And they can put you in jail and take everything you own.

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No dice. You can switch to Mint. For me, Mint is something I use in addition to Quicken. Which includes my k, for example. You can switch to Quicken for Windows. Switch to Windows? Intuit would get a better response here if they just sent Mac users a picture of a huge middle finger. By the way, to add insult to injury: You will need to either re-download your investment transactions or manually enter them.

There are really three issues at play here: Strike 1.

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Around , Intuit made the mistake of abandoning the Mac. Hey, they thought it was the prudent thing to do then.

After all, Apple was dying. This led Intuit to massively under-invest in their Mac codebase, yielding a monstrosity that apparently no one in their right mind wants to touch. From everything I hear, Quicken for the Mac might as well be written in Fortran and require punch cards to compile. Untouchable, unfortunately, means unfixable. Strike 2. But in the end, it was a very expensive decision, and even if it was necessary, it should have mandated a fast follow with that capability.

See note on the IRS above Strike 3. Uh oh. A Proposed Solution: VMware to the rescue I believe there is a possible solution. The answer: Will Apple Allow It? Can We Fix It? Feel free to comment if you have ideas. Share this: Like this: Like Loading Sounds like a business opportunity.

See the part of my post with regards to Quicken for Windows and the middle finger. I think this all very interesting, but the post seems to dodge the most obvious solution. Scott, You might give iBank another chance. And it works on the iPad. Bye Quicken, your lose and you are lost.