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I've searched for this on Google, but have not found anything. Can you tell me more? If they have found a solution for PC's then there is a good chance it can be made to work with Macs. Although the information you were given is the best available at this time, it really don't feel it adequately answered your question.

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As far as I have been able to find out, all computer users are equally impacted by this issue and there is no way to protect yourself other than to stay off of secure sites until they have told you they are safe. Don't even go onto those sites to change your password until you know that they are safe. Apr 12, 3: Apr 12, 4: That seems like it could be a scam to me.

Mumsnet 'hacked' by Heartbleed bug

I would never consider downloading such an app, unless you could verify for sure that it was from Google, and not from some random hacker hosting it on a Google site. Apr 12, 5: However, since your bank, other financial institutions, email provider, social media service, online shopping, etc… service IS a server and the do use SSL to secure your connections, as a user you need to check if these services have had the problem, and if it has been fixed.

And once it is fixed, you should change your password. The OpenSSL bug is not just a server bug. If you installed a broken version of OpenSSL using it in your client connecting to a server that has bad intentions may harm your client.

The Heartbleed Bug

Not true. Connecting to a vulnerable server will not affect the client in any way. This bug involves a hacker sending malicious requests to a vulnerable server, and getting a reply that contains data that should not have been sent back.

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It is in no way able to affect any client software - even client software using those same vulnerable OpenSSL libraries - except through the potential leakage of data that the server might have received from the client. Apr 12, 6: This seems unlikely, but as I'm not that familiar with LibreOffice, I can't discount it entirely. In this case, announcement is over-simplifying to avoid having to explain to less tech-savvy folks why having the vulnerable libraries included did not make the software vulnerable.

Apr 12, 7: What don't you believe, that LibreOffice 4. Apr 12, 8: Is there a fix for the Heartbleed bug for iMac, iPad, iPod? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.

What is Heartbleed bug? Find out how it affects iOS and Mac users

Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: We want to help maximize the life of your Apple gear. By hijacking the SSL encoding software itself! Any time you visit a website with an https: OpenSSL 1. Everyone who uses a browser or other app to access a website using buggy versions of OpenSSL is at risk.

The bug is on the server, not on your computer. Permit me to give the contrarian view. Until a site using OpenSSL has been updated to a safe version, you are putting yourself at risk every time you log into that server. This is not the time to change your password, as the bug still makes it possible for hackers to harvest your ID and password. If the site has a buggy version of OpenSSL, it will tell you. If the site has a secure version of OpenSSL, it will tell you.

Must-Read: What is Heartbleed security bug? Find out how it affects iOS and Mac users

We suggest you use strong new passwords for each site. It should never be a dictionary word, your name or user ID, a number identified with you birthday or anniversary, phone number, Social Security number, employee ID , or a sequence of keys on the keyboard such as ASDFG. Never use password, secret, admin, myspace1, password1 , or blink as a password — these are among the 10 most common passwords and thus the easiest to guess — and avoid names of sports teams. The best password is both secure and memorable, such as AppleWorks6.

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We recommend LastPass as a great tool for managing your passwords, especially on multiple computers. This is a partial list of high traffic secured domains that are safe or still unsafe, based on reports on other websites. Sorting is alphabetical. The first section lists sites that were never endangered by the Heartbleed bug.