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You can perform a variety of commands on the change, such as copying the content of the diff state, reverting the changes back to the state in Git, jumping to next or previous change, and more.


View GitGutter plugin. GitHubinator is a plugin that shows selected text on a remote GitHub or Bitbucket repository. You simply highlight the text you want to search for, right click to open the context menu, and launch the corresponding Github or Bitbucket web page in your default browser. View GitHubinator plugin. View GitOpenChangedFiles plugin. You might also like: While working on teams, consistency is imperative. Linters and syntax highlighting help provide that consistency and set best practices.

SublimeLinter is the most popular linter available on Sublime, as it currently sits in the top 25 downloads on Package Manager. To do this, just open Package Control to install plugins with the same name. View SublimeLinter plugin. Once installed, whenever you want to change quotes, make sure your cursor is inside the quoted text.

Open the Command Palette to run ChangeQuotes —there is no need to select the text to change quotes. View ChangeQuotes plugin. There are a ton of plugins for syntax highlighting. These are the two major plugins we use at Shopify, that fall outside the existing syntax highlighting that ships with Sublime Text.

Sublime Text Themes and Color Schemes (Tutorial #11)

View Sass plugin. View Babel plugin.

Configuring Sublime Text | Scott Granneman

View SideBar Enhancements plugin. Maybs Quit enables a quick panel to confirm quitting Sublime Text. View Maybs Quit plugin.

User Settings

AutoFileName follows through on its name: It triggers a dropdown with file names relative to your existing file and subsequent path as you type. View AutoFileName plugin.

It also enables shortcuts for various other browsers installed on your computer, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and more. Checkout View In Browser plugin. For example, you could work on a CodePen, but do all the editing in your main text editor.

Simply Sublime

You just need to install the plugin and browser extension. Simply highlight the text area you want to link, and click the browser extension: View GhostText plugin. BracketHighlighter does exactly what it says: View BracketHighlighter plugin. Gutter Color is a great plugin that displays a colored icon for all lines containing a color. It will please the designer in you. ColorPicker enables a color picker dialog and allows users to insert or change a selected color.

By default the hexcode inserted is uppercase, but you can change it to use lowercase letters by going to preferences and then package settings. View ColorPicker plugin. A File Icon is great for easily scanning what files you have in your project. It simply adds pretty and customizable icons to supported files in your project sidebar.

View A File Icon plugin. A theme is the look of your editor itself, such as the sidebar UI, tabs, modal windows, etc. A color scheme is the background and syntax highlight colors of the main editing area.

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Color Sublime is a plugin that enables the installation of color schemes to your editor. These color schemes change the syntax highlighting. One of those cool customization features comes in the form of themes. There are a variety of free themes available that can change the look of Sublime Text to better reflect your needs. Below is a collection of some of our favorites. Using a dark background actually saves energy as well, so you can be an environmentally conscious vampire.

Dark, Mirage and Light.

Making Sublime Text 2 Beautiful

Regardless of which version you use, colors are bright and the theme makes for easy reading. There are settings for things like displaying a separator between UI panels, font size, tab size and more. Also included are dozens of options to help you customize things to your liking.

You can set various sizes, fonts, color accents, icon sets and backgrounds. Plus, change settings for tabs, bars and panels. There is simply a ton of ways to tweak the theme. The look is minimal and comes in three flavors: Spacegray, Spacegray Light and Spacegray Eighties. Settings are available for font, tab and sidebar tweaks.