4. Disappearing Sidebar

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How do i get the bottom toolbar back??? | Mac Forums

Get tips, reviews, news, and giveaways reserved exclusively for subscribers. Filed Under: Share this: A Better Windows Volume Mixer. Choose your Apple Menu and then click Shut Down. Hold these keys and Power button for 10 seconds.

Toolbars missing in Word for Mac

Finally, press on your Power button to turn on your Mac back. Then remove the battery.

How to Keep My Icons Showing at the Bottom of My MacBook : Tech Yeah!

More details below. If you did manage to remove your battery, then great work! Now press and hold down your Power button for 5 seconds.

Why is my iMac menu bar disappearing?

Step 5: Finally, just press on your Power button again to turn on your Mac back on again. If you have an iMac Pro, then skip to the next part. Jump into your Apple Menu and then click on Shut Down. Wait for 5 seconds, then press on the Power button again to turn your Mac back on. Jump into your Apple Menu and click on Shut Down. Once after your iMac Pro shuts down, press and hold down on the Power button for 8 seconds. Next, release the Power button and then wait for a few seconds seconds.

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Finally, just press the Power button once again to turn your iMac Pro back on. You can check if there any new software updates that you need to download which can help patch some holes up such as this disappearing cursor act.

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  • Finally, download and install any updates whether they be for your apps or your macOS by clicking on Update right next to it. This is not to say the bug will get fixed but it can make you feel better if you really wish to have it looked in person by Apple. Home Technology Guides.

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    The dock is divided by a white dashed line into two parts. To the left of the line are programs and other tools.

    Installed Plug-ins

    To the right are any open files and folders, plus a new collection of expandable icons called Stacks, which are collections of icons that keep your desktop organized and tidy. Here are a few pointers for using the dock:. Single-clicking a dock icon launches a program or other activity.