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Since Apple published Pages, there is no ability to write text in Hebrew or Arabic. I do not understand if it is a special policy, because there are many people who ar buying Apple software to use in those languages. I know that there is no technical problem at all to imlement those languages! Beside all this, the templates are very poor, and I cannot see any major difference to Keynote.

Before the realese I hoped that i can write in Hebrew, the right-to-left text. But my hope was broken. Open Menu Close Menu Apple. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description Now anyone can create stunning textbooks, cookbooks, history books, picture books, and more for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This update contains stability improvements and bug fixes. Then Apple announced iBooks Author and the iBooks store and I immediately abandoned all prior efforts and jumped to the new platform.

I didn't stress this enough when I launched my first book on the iBooks Store: My first book is now available on the iBookstore. It's an extended edition of my Editorial review that comes with:. Get it here. Editorial is a text editor for the iPad that supports Markdown, syncs documents with Dropbox, comes with a snippet system to speed up typing, and -- a feature that truly makes it stand out from similar apps -- is powered by workflows and scripts to automate writing, editing, and publishing.

Editorial is developed by Ole Zorn, an independent software developer based in Germany. Editorial was released on August 15th, ; prior to the public release, I had been testing the app since late November Text Automation with Editorial" contains my review of Editorial with an in-depth explanation and critique of the app's numerous features and workflow tools.

My goal with this book is to provide a convenient, portable resource to learn more about Editorial, how the app changed the way I work on iOS, and how, through Editorial's automation, scripts, and workflows, it's possible to turn an iPad into a powerful tool for writers. Originally, my Editorial review was here published at MacStories. However, following many readers' suggestions due to the length and scope of the review, I decided to offer an iBooks version of it.

How To Make an eBook with iBooks Author Tutorial

Text Automation with Editorial" contains the original review reformatted for iBooks, plus 20 extra workflows and 5 additional videos. You can consider it a "Director's Cut" edition of my Editorial review, now available in a multi-touch interactive book made exclusively for the iPad and iBooks.

Alongside converting the review to the iBooks format and including new content, I also updated screenshots for Retina displays, created galleries to group multiple screenshots together, and annotated some screenshots to better describe the user interface of Editorial. The videos have been enhanced with textual overlays for comments, and I've created a glossary for common terms used throughout the book. I consider this the best version of my Editorial review.

Thanks to iBooks' interactivity, clean layout, and embedded rich content, I hope that you will enjoy a pleasant and convenient reading experience that should help you in getting started with Editorial and understanding the capabilities of advanced workflows and iOS automation -- an area that is often underestimated, but quickly growing among the iOS power user community.

I hope that you'll like what I've done. This is a new experience for me, and I would love to receive your feedback either via email or Twitter. Once again: Macworld's Serenity Caldwell noticed a change in the wording that lists software requirements for iBooks Author books on iTunes, and she thinks that may suggest iPhone support is coming next week:.

The groundwork, after all, has already been laid. As I mentioned in my critique of the program last year, iBooks Author already has a potentially viable option for iPhone and iPod touch users—its reflowable portrait mode. In it, interactive elements float alongside the text, which itself can be resized by the reader. In addition, current iPhone models and any that might get announced next week will have more than enough power to display videos and other interactive content.

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I submitted a book made with iBooks Author to Apple a few days ago, and I completely agree with Serenity. Recent iPhone models with Retina displays and taller screens could work well with iBooks Author's portrait mode where font size can be adjusted and it seems strange that Apple still hasn't done this.

Apple Announces “iBooks Author” Mac App, Available For Free Today – MacStories

I hope that we'll see iPhone support for iBooks Author books next week, as that would lead to a terrific boost in addressable audience for publishers. Behind a beautiful portrait of Mona Lisa and a blue ribbon denoting its newness to my iBooks shelf, I discovered a world of rich and vivacious color drowned out by the ill effects of aging varnish, dust, and improper lighting. Restoring the world's most famous paintings requires not only an understanding of the fine arts, but an even deeper understanding of the tools artists used to create the wildly vivid and awe-inspiring paintings we often observe in museums and art galleries.

As you'll come to learn in Lee Sandstead's interactive iBook , preserving a painting is an art itself.

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Sandstead's page digital iBook is nothing short of an exemplary example of what iBooks Author can produce when great minds meet great developers. The concise text, coupled with interactive images, galleries, and interviews, provides a much more personal platform for learning and engagement than my history textbooks ever could. That's not to say "Cleaning Mona Lisa" was written for study — it's an intriguing, personalized story from a passionate and talented art historian.

Covering the history of painting techniques from tempera to oil painting, Sandstead has to first recreate the methods artists used to create their paintings. As you'll learn, the tools artists used and our neglect about how these paintings were intended to be preserved has been detrimental to the quality of the paintings themselves. Sandstead made it his mission to understand both what affects the quality of a painting and how to do undo the toll of time itself to reveal what are truly beautiful masterpieces.

Videos guide you through the author's investigative process, while interactive word bubbles clue you in on the observations made on a particular painting. Tapity's iteration of engagement immerses you with the content — it doesn't detract you from the author's message. The author's prose, combined with the layout of images and interactive content, make for an ebook that's accessible and clever.

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It didn't take me long to read through, but the material was genuinely interesting, and I have nothing but good things to say about the book's presentation and content. Made with iBooks Author, these books bring ideas and stories to life.

Give your book a great beginning with templates.

Our handpicked collection features titles filled with 3D images, video, and interactive diagrams, galleries, maps, and more. To read Multi-Touch books, an iPad with the latest version of the free iBooks app is required. The custom section, available here , showcases 40 titles that have been designed with iBooks Author to include rich media such as images and video alongside text. Add shapes, charts, tables, text, and widgets anywhere on the page with a single click.

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They bring your reader swipe-friendly photo galleries, animations that burst off the page, scrolling sidebars to linger over, Pop-Over widgets for an element of surprise, and engrossing 3D objects that are entertaining and interactive. And widgets can be set to play automatically, offering your readers a fun surprise when they turn the page. See all widgets.