How to Unlock Your iPhone without Password

That's why we need the unlock tools. Here are three kinds of iPhone locks and the tools that you can try. As iPhone establishes itself as a high-priced premium smartphone, it's not accessible to all users.

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For many of the tight-budget customers, the only way to get their hands on an iPhone is by using iPhone subsidy. It is a common practice in several countries. Cell providers pre-pay for the iPhones and sell them for a very affordable price, or sometimes even free. The customers who buy these "great deal" have to subscribe to the "special" high-priced cellular plan for a fixed period, which include the monthly installments to pay for iPhone's real price. The problem with this scheme is, if the customers switch to another cell provider with a cheaper monthly plan, then the original provider will lose money.

To prevent this disaster from happening, the providers lock the iPhone, so it will only work with their specific SIM cards.

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They go even further and lobby the governments to make the unlocking process illegal. But now the process is already legalized, we don't have to resort to underground methods anymore to unlock iPhones.

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Several services can help you break your iPhone free from the SIM unlock and they are listed below:. These SIM unlocking services basically work the same. Please note that the process is not free, and you are required to fill out a form along with your iPhone IMEI number. To get your IMEI number, dial Another situation is that iPhone gets locked due to too many wrong passcode attempts. In this case, you can unlock the passscode using Tenorshare 4uKey - Unlock iPhone Locked Screen — a professional iPhone passcode unlocker tool to remove iPhone passcode. Step 2 Tenorshare 4uKey will display the matching firmware file for your device.

Click "Download" to download and then follow the onscreen tips to use Tenorshare iPhone Unlocker to unlock the password on your iOS device.

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Step 3 After a few minutes, your iPhone passcode has been removed and you can reset a new password. Here is detailed video about how to unlock iPhone passcode using 4uKey. Hope it will help you better. You do not need to have excellent computer abilities to perform this function. The application allows you to use your unlocked iPhone with any sim card or connect with any network provider in your area. If you are urgently in need of unlocking your phone, you should be reminded that this method may cause some damage, especially if improper tools are being used.

You should be extra careful, try to create a backup file for your phone to avoid losing important files. One must keep in mind to understand the risks and practice caution where necessary. I am learning about the mobile software so it is really helpful for me to learn unlocking iphones which is the ffirst thing you should know before about other softwares. This is why i want to unlock code. I have used itunes as similar programs ,il's son fast and good,then I want to download this application to unlock my iphone 6 ,thank's for it.

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And cant even unlock my iphone 6s. This application can be used by any user as it is easy to manage and its functionality is very clear. Once you press it, you need to wait for a response in which the system will confirm you that your smartphone has successfully been unlocked. Access different functions for unlocking your phone.

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For that reason, you will not be able to sign a contract with the telephone company you want. Thanks to iPhone Unlock Toolkit, you can access multiple functions such as the camera, music and video player, photos, notes, agenda or calendar, among others. Other alternative software to iPhone Unlock Toolkit. There are some programs created for Apple that iPhone users may know.

Download Unlock Iphone - Best Software & Apps

For instance, iTunes , which is the audio software that this smartphone contains and it lets you synchronize all your multimedia files, as well as play music and videos in a High Quality. Another option could be iTools-iPhone manager , which creates a platform that allows you to manage contents, and save and transfer them from your portable device to your computer.

Both are very similar in terms of functionality, however, some users think that the iTools-iPhone is easier to use and its interface certainly simplifies the job. Simple interface with only two buttons Two buttons available in the UI: Pros User-friendly Fast activation in just a few minutes Free Cons Does not allow you to use your mobile as a real phone. Home Downloads Blog User Reviews. Pros It only has two buttons for the unlocking process.

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It has a simple and great interface. Cons It is specifically for i phone. Ease to access guides and manuals: