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As long as the news site of your choice has an RSS feed — which is pretty much every site nowadays — you can import it into StockSpy and observe which news events drive stocks. There is however sometimes a delay for stocks to update in StockSpy which can be quite annoying. It can also be a bit unstable when clicking on news links and prone to crashing. Latinum is a new professional trading and technical analysis software for Mac and PC.

Mac Trading

Latinum is designed for discretionary non-automated traders and quickly enables you to determine risk, make orders quickly via a Mini Order Ticket feature and more easily manage order and positions with a Mini Blotter. Trendsetter trading apps have been around for many years now and both the apps and website are quite dated but you can always use Personal Analyst for free and then decide whether you think the other apps are worth upgrading to. This article has dealt with stock trading software for Mac which allow you to perform technical analysis and analyze stock movements in order to make better trading decisions.

They are designed to be used alongside stock trading platforms that allow you to actually trade online i. Trading software tends to be desktop based while stock trading platforms are usually Cloud based. There are a small number of apps like MotiveWave however that allow you to do both. However, if you just need something that can handle Forex, Metals, Commodities and Indices, all the stock trading software featured here support them.

MetaTrader 4 and 5 or MT4 and MT5 as it is more popularly known is not available on Mac but is one of the most popular stock trading tools for Windows users. However, If you really want to give it a go, check out our full guide on how to run MetaTrader on Mac. Popular Windows stock trading software TC now recommends this as the best solution to use its software after dropping support for Macs. This is partly because TC requires the Microsoft Silverlight plugin which can be notoriously unreliable on Mac as many Netflix users have found to their cost.

AvaTrade’s Mac trading platforms

TC has been around for over 20 years and is one of the most respective stock analysis tools out there. You can scan, sort and receive alerts from over pre-configured and automatically updated system lists and indexes and add your own personal watchlists. The golden rule in all types of stock trading is never trade more funds than you can afford to lose. You can also use inexpensive advisory services like the Motley Fool Stock Advisor to get expert tips and advice plus hot trading tips.

It genuinely makes you a better stock trader. MotiveWave is definitely the most complex and advanced stock trading platform there is that has a Mac client and the integration with brokers means you can trade and do technical analysis all in the same app. Stockfolio is definitely the best looking stock trading application designed specifically for Mac, making it easy to keep essential trading data at your fingertips.

If you have any questions, suggestions or experiences with any of the apps featured here, let us know in the comments below.

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  • Thanks for the list of platforms. Looks like you forget at least two platforms for Mac OS. For your own automated trading system you should consider APIs that provide intraday data, eod, and historical fundamentals such as http: Their support is nonexistent. Very inconvenient to have your trading watchlists, charts, notes etc all vanish at the start of your trading day. The majority of users seem to very satisfied with it. Have you recently upgraded to macOS Mojave as that may have something to do with it? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

    Best Trading Chart Software

    Home Best Software. TradingView Free TradingView is an amazingly powerful yet easy to use community driven stock charting software that combines user knowledge with sophisticated analysis to make you a better trader. Even better, the basic version of TradingView is free to use. Here are some of the outstanding factors that make TradingView our top pick: The range of charts and analysis they provide is exceptional.

    How Trading Software Works

    They not only look good but they include professional drawing tools such as Gann squares and fanns, Fibonacci retracements and circles, Elliott Waves and other technical indicators to help analyze price actions. You can embed any of these charts in a website and it will update in real-time or share them to Twitter, Facebook etc. TradingView even has its own Pine Script programming language which you can use to create your own signals and custom technical analysis.

    There are a seemingly endless numbers of charts in TradingView, many of which are generated by users and genuinely help you trade better. From simple basic price charts to plotting complex spread symbols with overlayed strategy backtesting, you can do it all in TradingView.

    Best Stock Trading Software For Mac

    This makes it extremely accessible for beginners to stock charting on Mac but also provides in-depth analysis that professional traders will value. Stock trading can be a lonely business and TradingView makes you feel less alone when taking big trading decisions. Every user has their own TradingView profile where you can publish ideas, thoughts, tips and interact with other traders.

    The information shared in TradingView is genuine because it comes from grassroots users. Often with trading sites or publications the content is paid for and therefore biased in favor of companies promoting their stocks or PR blurbs. The tips shared across TradingView are based on the analysis and experience of real traders. You can setup automatic movement alerts so that you will be notified when a stock falls or rises beyond a certain level or goes beyond things like Bollinger Bands channel.

    This includes email and SMS alerts.


    Because it works in any browser , it also works on any platform including Mac desktop and PC. Possibly the most impressive thing is that most of TradingView is free to use. In fact you can start using it immediately in your browser. Any trader will tell you that information is power when it comes to trading and the faster you have it, the better your chances at making money.

    The application and updates are available via Mac App Store as well as a downloadable file. Instant access to variety of markets from a single platform allows broker to onboard all sorts of clients with diversified needs or even those looking for cross-asset trading.

    Interface Protrder user-friendly interface allows trader to customize each single panel settings as well as entire workspace. Functionality Protrader for Mac contains a comprehensive set of panels enabling quick trading and advanced analysis of both exchange listed and OTC instruments.

    Protrader for Mac — General Overview.

    Main trading and analysis tools. Quick order entry Mouse trading Visual trade modification Predefined timeframes 7 chart styles Contains set of indicators for main window and additional windows Suitable for workspace attached or as standalone panel detached.