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  5. Windows Mac Linux. Efficient and flexible organization entry groups, tags, time fields, file attachments, Various data transfer methods clipboard, drag and drop, auto-type, plugins can provide integration with other applications, Powerful password generator generation based on character sets and patterns, with many options. Extensible plugin architecture and multi-language more than 40 languages are available. Project Samples. It means if someone gains or cracks your password, they could log into any of your accounts, stealing data and jeopardizing your security.

    KeePass 2.x for Mac OS X Download Mirror

    Having a separate, lengthy, and random password for every site is considered the best way to secure data. KeePass keeps every username and password pair in an encrypted database, protected by a single master password or key the only one you have to remember. The interface is as busy as it is robust. For example, KeePass supports password groups for sorting passwords.

    You can drag and drop passwords into most windows or use a hot key to type your login information into windows automatically. You can also quick copy user names and passwords to the clipboard with a double-click on a field in the password list. Strong security —KeePass uses AES encryption to encrypt its password databases, SHA password hash, protection against dictionary and guessing attacks, in-memory protection, and more.

    Portable —KeePass is portable, carry it on a USB stick and run it or directly install it on Windows if you prefer desktop access. Easy Database Transfer —A password database, consisting of a single file, is easy to transfer between computers. KeePass supports a number of plugins.

    It can use a two-channel auto-type obfuscation feature to offer additional protection against keyloggers.

    Free cross-platform password manager compatible with KeePass

    A Consumer Reports article described KeePass as one of the four most widely used password managers alongside 1Password , Dashlane and LastPass , being "popular among tech enthusiasts" and offering the same level of security as non-free competitors but being more difficult to install. Passwords stored by this application can be further divided into manageable groups. Each group can have an identifying icon.

    Free Password Manager Compatible with KeePass: KeeWeb

    Groups can be further divided into subgroups in a tree-like organization. Further, KeePass tracks the creation time, modification time, last access time, and expiration time of each password stored. Files can be attached and stored with a password record, or text notes can be entered with the password details. Each password record can also have an associated icon. The password list is saved by default as a.

    The CSV output is compatible with many other password safes like the commercial closed-source Password Keeper and the closed-source Password Agent. Exports from these programs can be imported into KeePass databases. File format support can be expanded through the use of KeePass plugins. Keepass supports simultaneous access and simultaneous changes to a shared password file by multiple computers often by using a shared network drive , however there is no provisioning of access per-group or per-entry.

    KeePass can minimize itself and type the information of the currently selected entry into dialogs, webforms, etc. KeePass has a global auto-type hot key. When KeePass is running in the background with opened database and the user presses the hotkey, it looks up the correct entry and executes its auto-type sequence. Windows clipboard handling allows double-clicking on any field of the password list to copy its value to the Windows clipboard. KeePass can clear the clipboard automatically some time after the user has copied one of their passwords into it. KeePass features protection against clipboard monitors other applications will not get notifications that the clipboard content has been changed.

    KeePass at one time had a paste-once functionality, where after a single paste operation, the clipboard would be cleared automatically, but this was removed in version 2.

    Editors' Review

    The auto-type functionality works with all windows, and consequently with all browsers. The KeeForm extension allows users to open websites with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox and fill in user details automatically.

    The Best Password Managers, Compared

    Internet Explorer also has a browser integration toolbar available. For Firefox, an extension called KeeFox connects to KeePass when a user needs to access a password from it. Desktop apps look beautiful on each platform: You can open local files in Desktop apps. Web version has almost all features available in desktop apps. It doesn't require any installation and works in all modern browsers. Launch the web app. Fields can be hidden when you need it. Also they will be stored in memory in more secure way than usual fields.

    Enjoying the app? Support the development

    Files are saved for offline use, even those opened from Dropbox. You can always access offline version, changes will be synced automatically when you are online again. Refine search by specifying fields, searching passwords, history and using powerful regular expressions syntax. All changes you make are put to history.

    You can rollback to any state or delete the state completely. Select an icon from the set of predefined high-res icons, download website favicon or use your own icons. Desktop apps can update themselves. There are several options: