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Our Score 9. HubSpot is a software platform that offers marketing, sales, and CRM tools to help you grow like a company twice your size while connecting like a real human being. Read Reviews. Our Score 8. Powerful plagiarism checker tool that comes with an intuitive interface for ease of use and advanced plagiarism technologies to help identify similarities and achieve authenticity. Squarespace is an awesome platform for individuals and small businesses who want to venture into online selling Read Reviews. Acquia is a software app that helps you to manage content, innovate, and grow your digital experiences to get a transformed business as the final result.

Drupal is an open source CMS and web development platform. With the many features and functionalities of Drupal, amazing things can be created. Sitecore is a software platform you can use to turn things around with context marketing, and display attractive content to build solid customer relationships.

Joomla is a free open-source Content Management System that will manage your website content as easily and securely as possible. Helps you share and manage all important corporate documents. A free and open source website builder that allows you to edit your website by drag and drop. You won't need any programming knowledge. Create any kind of website, online shop and blog just using your mouse. VidSnippets is a web-based video platform that enables a more interactive viewing experience and makes making online videos more accessible.

More precisely, they administer how content will be structured and shared among teams, enabling them to make the most of it at a fraction of what they otherwise invest in creation and editing. One of the most distinct advantages of content management tools is that they contain database repositories where content is stored with all relevant information the system may require.

A good course of action is to sign up for at least a few free trials or demo and basic unpaid plans from the vendors that are popular. With that method you will have the opportunity to test the important elements and you will get a good comparison of the capabilities of each app. The sensible thing to do is to try the list of services that currently have the highest SmartScore rankings and Customer Satisfaction Rating in the best content management software category: Buying a content management system is a complex, multi-step process where the buyer has to consider multiple factors for arriving to a decision.

The first thing to be done, however, is to determine the technology that can add near-term value to his business, and to understand the buying category he belongs to: Once all relevant corporate data is gathered under one umbrella, it is instantly backed up, while the extensive audit trail and multiple version controls will make it fully searchable. Most of them are well-integrated and priced by quote, meaning that each company will receive a price specifically tailored to its needs and expectations.

Our content management software reviews show that these systems differ significantly from each other, mostly because of the nature and amount of content that is being managed. Using this criterion, we rounded up three specific types of content management systems for you to choose from: A great web content management system should allow you to create, manage, and maintain content on a single platform, ideally allowing access to multiple users, securing information, and requiring fewer expenses than the expected ones.

For the purpose, you should look for a system that contains the following set of features: Our in-depth comparisons show that these are the essential benefits companies experience when working with a solid content management system: Content management software is developing so fast that experts often wonder if there is something more to be done in order to perfect it. As helpful as they may be, content management systems are not perfect, and there are few downsides to consider that may confirm it: First, be clear about the reasons why you wish to use a SaaS solution.

You should also have a good understanding of your existing infrastructure and business processes. This information will assist you to effortlessly integrate the SaaS platform with your existing infrastructure without any problems. The second consideration is a follow up to the first one. Ask yourself what you want the SaaS solution to do for your company. Then, be clear about the functionality the software should have. For instance, if you want enhanced data collaboration between different business departments you need a solution that can be accessed by multiple users.

However, if you require an efficient system that is similar to an on-premise platform, you need to invest in a SaaS software that can be accessed by only a few users at a time. After you pick a suitable provider, do not sign an agreement before you take a good look at the Service Level Agreement SLA. The SLA will clearly state what the SaaS vendor is offering and the reimbursement they will pay if they do not deliver the agreed services.

Read and understand the SLA thoroughly to know what you are getting into and to avoid issues later. Updated January 23, Brightcove is a video content management solution designed to maximize the engagement and conversion rates of your videos. Fully integrated ASP. It pays attention to the following metrics: At the moment, WordPress is the leader in this category and we gave it the highest score in our tests. Following thorough research and analysis it had the best results among its competitors and we strongly suggest that you consider it as one of the choices for your company.

A summary of general user satisfaction with the solutions in our Content Management Software category calculated using our unique algorythm that finds customer reviews, comments and opinions across a broad range of social media sites to help you make an informed buying decision. Each vendor in the Content Management Software category will offer a different group of pricing plans for its app and every package will include a varied set of elements.

Below we list the overal pricing for the cheapest package provided for each service. Please note that advanced features may cost extra. An overview of what type of devices and operating systems are supported by the listed B2B tools in the Content Management Software category, including mobile platforms and web-based solutions. Check what languages and countries are supported by the popular B2B solutions in the Content Management Software category, including apps aimed at international markets and created for multi-cultural teams of employees.

Learn what pricing packages are provided by the vendors in the Content Management Software category to check which one suits your business needs and expenses best. Be aware that certain services can provide free or freemium accounts for you to test first. An analysis of which types of customers a specific B2B service in the Content Management Software category is designed for, from small businesses and non-profits to large enterprises. An overview of what styles of service deployement are supported by every B2B vendor in the Content Management Software category.

Even though the majority of modern SaaS solutions are cloud-hosted there are solutions may offer an on-site deployment model too. FinancesOnline is available for free for all business professionals interested in an efficient way to find top-notch SaaS solutions. Learn more about Paperwise. Website creation tool that helps bloggers, businesses, and photographers develop websites with templates, insights, and CRM forms.

Learn more about Zoho Sites. Learn more about MODX. Learn more about Populr. ECM solution that combines integrated document management, business process management and records management. Learn more about OnBase. Clinked offers customised cloud solutions for businesses.

Securely share files, communicate with clients and keep track of your tasks. Learn more about Clinked. Visual drag-and-drop website builder for designing custom, professional websites without writing code. Learn more about Webflow. Redtail CRM is a web-based easy-to-use client management solution designed specifically for Financial Professionals. Interactive presentation platform built to increase engagement and deliver insight.

Learn more about Tiled. Kentico is an all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform that drives business results for companies of all sizes. Learn more about Kentico CMS. Panopto's complete video platform is the easiest way to manage, live stream, record, and share videos across your organization. Learn more about Panopto. Xerox DocuShare's Content Management System gives you the easiest method to manage all of your paper and digital documents. A content management solution with features for publication of news, videos, messages, and mailings.

Slickplan is everything you need to plan a website. Site mapping, diagramming, content planning, and mockup sharing all in one tool. Learn more about Slickplan. For users who need a CMS that is secure, fast, nimble and flexible. Learn more about Zephyr. Cloud based document generation and process automation platform for G Suite.

Learn more about Ultradox. Web content management software that offers SEO, built-in social media tools, mobile device support, and microsite design capabilities. Learn more about Sitecore Experience Platform. Progress Sitefinity is the leadiing CMS enabling mid-market organisations to deliver personalised, multi-channel experiences. Learn more about Sitefinity. Learn more about Canvas.

Pimcore is the world's first DXP powered by open technology, integrating data and content to create personalized customer experiences. Learn more about pimcore. Learn more about Zesty. Designed for nonprofits of all sizes to manage events, volunteers, donations and registrations! Duplie would love to partner with you! Learn more about Duplie.

GatherContent helps you manage all your content in one place to manage and improve workflow. Learn more about GatherContent. Open source out-of-the-box portal integration and full content control with integrated document management and workflow. Learn more about Alfresco Content Services. No technical experience required! Learn more about Yola. Somatic turns your images into extraordinary content, AI powered filters allow you to get more sales and engagement with your brand. Learn more about somatic. Content management and workflow solution that provides insurance-focused content management and business intelligence solutions.

Learn more about ImageRight. The most efficient way to create, manage and publish technical documentation, user manuals, policy guides and more. Learn more about MadCap Flare. An online publishing and membership software makes it easy to build a membership site and charge for access to premium content. Learn more about SubHub. Learn more about Titan CMS. Open-source project, written in programming language Python and based on the Django web framework.

Learn more about django CMS. Document management that combines content, security and storage features with workflow and process management capabilities. Learn more about FileNet Content Manager. Learn more about myClubhouse. Includes events, memberships, email and more! Learn more about Tendenci. Mobile ready open Source CMS designed to allow your organization to build a website without coding.

Learn more about concrete5. Improve your project performance by integrating people, data, and processes throughout the project lifecycle. Learn more about ProjectWise. Real-time CMS with front-end freedom, templates, custom fields, and more. Learn more about Craft. An enterprise-grade platform that enables companies to create and connect personalized digital experiences across all devices.

Learn more about Liferay Digital Experience Platform. Learn more about eBA. A powerful, simple to customize platform with integrated tools to promote and share knowledge and content within an organization. Learn more about Altiar. Learn more about Content Snare. Ingeniux CMS is an agile. NET content management platform designed for the modern web.

Top 11 Most Popular Content Management Software

Available as a hosted service or on-premise. Learn more about Ingeniux CMS. All in one CMS platform to solve complex publishing needs, including video, mobile web and apps, and more. Get a free demo. Learn more about Quintype. Learn more about bit. Povides organizations with a unified repository to house unstructured content, and deliver it to business users in the proper format. Learn more about Oracle WebCenter Content. Learn more about PHPRunner. CMS for Adobe Muse web designers. Design blogs, showcases and content visually. Manage easily on the in-browser platform. Learn more about Publiz.

Contently helps the worlds best brands create engaging, accountable content at scale. Learn more about Contently. A flexible and open content management system that drives relevant experiences for every digital visitor. Learn more about BloomReach Experience Manager. Cloud-based website building tool which helps businesses with website management, content management, content editing and design.

Learn more about Cindr. A flexible, feature-rich content management system that empowers thousands of organizations and companies around the world. Learn more about ExpressionEngine.

Web tool aimed to create interactive and animated contents for free and easily. Features include templates and real time monitoring. Learn more about Genially. Learn more about iPlasmaCMS2. An open source content, knowledge, and document management system for intranets, portals, and web communities. Technology neutral. Learn more about Plone. Learn more about b2evolution. HTML5 based authoring solution for interactive e-Learning content and real-time collaboration.

Learn more about Composica. WebVision is a sophisticated cloud-based platform that helps asset managers effortlessly manage client reporting and fund marketing. Learn more about WebVision. Learn more about Morweb. Online SaaS platform that helps enterprises with multi-channel dissemination of content through newsletters, websites, and intranet.

Learn more about Zyyne. Cloud based solution for web content management. Features include localized and multi-channel content and analytics. Learn more about Acquia.

Learn more about Audioburst API. Cloud based client portal that lets you organize your enterprise content and make it easily accessible to all your stakeholders. Learn more about Iconclik. Learn more about Digital Pigeon. It is the fastest way to create published content newsletters, website content, web pages with curated web links.

Learn more about Elink. Open source content management system used by thousands of organizations worldwide. Create it once and publish it everywhere. Learn more about eZ Publish. Contextual, content generation text editor to automate the writing process through prompts, templates, and more. Learn more about First Draft. Learn more about Hubb. Learn more about InfiniteECM. MarCom On Demand is the industry-leading cloud-based solution for managing marketing assets, processes and workflows.

Learn more about MarCom On Demand. PHP content management system and framework to provide control of your pages, fields, templates and markup at any scale. Learn more about ProcessWire.

What is Content Management Software?

Learn more about SepPortal. Superdesk is an end-to-end open source headless CMS for news agencies, newspapers and corporate publishers. Learn more about Superdesk. Learn more about Easy WebContent. Enterprise search and text analytics solution with integrated crawlers for websites, databases, twitter, amazon s3 and custom content. Learn more about SearchBlox Search. Enterprise grade PowerPoint management system for storing, sharing and building new presentations online in a controlled way. Learn more about SlideBank.

Learn more about Adxstudio Portals. BannerOS is the ultimate web content management software that helps companies turn their website into a powerful business tool. Learn more about BannerOS. Learn more about pTools. Web publishing and content management solution that allows everyone to create, manage, and deliver Web content. Learn more about CommonSpot. Web content management solution designed to automate website building with templates, editors, and no coding. Learn more about LightCMS.

The only AI platform that uses a unique linguistic analytics engine to "read" all your content and provide guidance. Learn more about Acrolinx. ActiveDocs is an award-winning global provider of template management and document automation solutions. Learn more about ActiveDocs Opus. Learn more about Anymod. Learn more about Appernetic.

Learn more about CARA. Website building system with church specific templates and easy-to-use content management tools. Learn more about Church Content management system for running websites with high or growing traffic. Learn more about Contensis. One platform to manage content, marketing and commerce - taking control was never this easy.

Learn more about Digital Experience Cloud. Secure, cloud-based, solution streamlining documents which require completion, filing, organization, and retrieval of forms and data. Learn more about Docsmore. Learn more about Finalsite Composer. A suite of modules to create online mobile directories and mobile apps to engage customers when they are nearby.

Learn more about Grexen. A powerful. Learn more about Kalibrate CMS. Easy to use, powerful, and affordable CMS. Leverages skills users already have and is highly adaptable for all types of customization. A flexible Enterprise Catalog that allows businesses to create customized pages for many types of content. Learn more about Lybrix. Build a professional responsive website in minutes! Complete web designs with the admin panel for customization and editing.

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Learn more about MotoCMS. OneMob is "Squarespace for Sales" - - quickly create pages of content to engage prospects and customers, all tracked back to your CRM. Learn more about OneMob. With OrchestraCMS, leverage powerful business data to target and personalize the employee, partner and customer experience. Learn more about OrchestraCMS. Provides a CMS backend for websites. Its API-based approach focuses on design and technology freedom for developers. Learn more about prismic. Organize sales information and make data accessible to salesmen while tracking and measuring results Learn more about Prolifiq.

Organize sales information and make data accessible to salesmen while tracking and measuring results. Gives you a single screen to update your website instantly at anytime from anywhere as well as shopping cart functionality and more. Learn more about Shopdaddy. Shuttlerock improves ad performance, reduces costs, and eliminates creative fatigue, by using smart ad creative, at scale. Learn more about Shutterock Promotions. Simple, cost-effective, hosted engineering drawing and document management for small-to-mid-size organizations, both public and private Learn more about SirruX sxCLOUD Engineering.

Simple, cost-effective, hosted engineering drawing and document management for small-to-mid-size organizations, both public and private.

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A robust business friendly web content management platform, with numerous features to manage a variety of websites. Learn more about SmartWCM. Puts the power in your hands. Update your website or mobile site's text, photos, products and much more. Learn more about Spinternet. Learn more about Subrion CMS. Addresses the needs of content contributors in an elegant manner by providing superior simplicity. Learn more about Taggon CMS. A cloud based content workflow and authoring solution.

A PIM for companies who know the importance of good copy and meeting deadlines. Learn more about Talkoot. CMS platform for business owners that enables professionals to edit and enhance website content with custom modules, built-in SEO, etc. Learn more about Titanium CMS. Triptych offers sales content management and channel marketing enablement all in one easy to use platform.

Learn more about Triptych. Learn more about VoxyCMS. Create personalized websites for your organization to share information, send messages, and create calendars to track important dates. Learn more about WebWriter. Helps organizations and enterprises deliver product content across all customer touchpoints.

Learn more about Zoomin Docs. OpenPro CRM software is a great way to keep track of contacts, leads, follow-ups, sending out quotes and more. Real-time KPI reporting. Integrates with current systems. Learn more about Ascend ECM. Learn more about Built. Manage all of your content with one single login. Learn more about Core dna. Integrated online help and content management for all platforms, server and web based, XML, supporting all content formats.

Learn more about HelpServer. A powerful and intuitive content management system to keep your website updated; multilingual by design. Learn more about Navigate CMS. Easiest way to build and deploy a responsive, content managed website for you and your clients. Learn more about Pulse CMS. Learn more about RebelMouse. Document management software enabling distributed workgroups to manage, review, assemble and publish complex documents. Learn more about Astoria. Learn more about AuthorIT. Cascade Server enables you to manage Internet, Intranet, and Portal content with ease.

Learn more about Cascade Server. A hosted and free content management system that's lightweight, though powerful enough to jumpstart your site in a jiffy. Learn more about CushyCMS. Inkling drives labor efficiency with a mobile-first enablement platform for deskless workforces.

Learn more about Inkling. Product and content information management; easily locate products and assign them to different publications or communication packages. Learn more about Matrix CMS. Enterprise YouTube that allows employees to search, view, manage and share streaming video through an intuitive, channel-based portal. Learn more about PrimeTime. SaaS application that helps content marketers leverage curated content to drive new leads and real marketing results. Learn more about Publicate. Content marketing platform for online retailers with streamlined order management and social media integration.

Learn more about Web Cube. ECM that allows government agencies and global organizations to collaborate on their business content, manage documents and records. Learn more about Content Manager. Enterprise content management software solution that can empower your corporation with powerful web content management tools. Learn more about WebPress Pro. Easy access to your documents from the internet. Route items between people to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Learn more about Abledoc. Role-based and process-supportive case and content management solution for municipalities. Integrates with SharePoint. Learn more about Acadre. Learn more about ADvendio. Search, filter Amazon products and easily import them into Magento with the ability to manipulate prices and product details. Learn more about Amazon Magento Extension. Content management solution that supports how content producers work and brings all content into one central location. Learn more about Amplience. Simple and powerful CMS for developers and agencies. Learn more about APIQ.

Learn more about ApostropheCMS. Learn more about Apples-CMS. Open source content management solution that allows you to build off of the existing framework. Learn more about appRain. Browser-based content management system for creating, publishing and managing websites. Learn more about Asbru Web Content Management. Document assembly and delivery system that enhances the management, accessibility, analysis, and distribution of content.

Learn more about Auctori. Learn more about BaferCMS. Built on the. CMS Made Simple offers an easy to use interface for end users, while maintaining a powerful backend for developers.

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