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Related Articles KB How to create a customised slideshow screensaver in OS X Version Published on. Applies to: Is there a way to specify which screensaver to use on Mac systems via group policy? The scripting hints provided in this KB are provided as a proof-of-concept only.

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Centrify Support does not cover custom-scripting - please contact Centrify Professional Services for further assistance with custom scripts. To set the screensaver to a specific slideshow screensaver for OS X How to create a customized slideshow screensaver in OS X If the Screensaver Preferences need to be locked out altogether, then the following GPs can be used: There is no specific group policy to select a specific screensaver since different versions of OS X may come with different screensavers loaded in addition to user-installed screensavers.

However if it is definitely known that a desired screensaver is already installed on the target Mac systems, then the following steps can be used to make sure it is enabled at each login: On a "template" Mac, open the System Preferences and enable the desired screensaver. Open the Terminal and run the command: For example if the "Flurry" screensaver is selected, then the output will be: For example, I intentionally set my "default configuration user" screensaver first to the "Holiday Mobile," set the picture selection to "Cosmos" one of the defaults with a start time of 20 minutes and unchecked "shuffle images.

When I logged out and logged back in to kick in the script, the result was me getting "Holiday Mobile. However, the start time did change to 5 minutes and when I did click on "Holiday Mobile," "Shuffle Slide Order" was checked properly.

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But when I create a new user after adding the LaunchAgent. I had the same issues in X. I did some more testing in the Beta of X. I am guessing that it's like Safai and to change those setting I had to use CoreFoundation framework.

PS it was easy for me to give up as it's not really a security issue and more of a nice to have: That makes sense, gachowski. I actually use a Python script to change the desktop background for I have found that the actual saved settings for the screensaver are in the ByHost preferences instead of the "standard" user Preferences. I would love to know why on earth customization like that is in ByHost While I could get the UUID for all my systems, I'd like to future-proof this script so I don't have to manually add it or create different versions of the file.

We do something similar with a set of images for Security info. The flip command your using looks spot on to the command we use in setting to classic so you might need to look at: If you manually run the launch agent using launchctl unload and load maybe this error is coming up.

Automated screensaver configuration in command line/shell script

Its caused me grief plenty of times. I'll post a screen cap of our source folder and our script in case that helps out: There is a com. When I was first setting this up, I found that the only way I could get the. The shell script then removes the. Sadly, it didn't take.

Yes and no. I actually need to have them in the user library as these Macs will be used by multiple users.

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That way, it's a first-launch for the first user, but will also run on first-launch for any other user. And question: Why does that need to be replaced? You can get the Mac's UUID and store it as a variable in the script and then use it as part of the path to the plist file.

Automated screensaver configuration in command line/shell script | Discussion | Jamf Nation

I wanted to make sure I posted the solution nessts provided on another page. Solved the problem entirely. While if you go into System Preferences, it still shows the old screensaver being selected, but it works. So here's mine, updated for my environment. Everything in this script works except for choosing that folder. The screensaver does switch to the Classic module, but it stays on the National Geographic folder.

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I'm working on a similar project. Using your example, and the above syntax, here's what I get:. Not sure though, if all these settings need to go into the ByHost plist. Will test when I get to the office. Running that line did correctly choose the 5-Experian folder. Added into the rest of my script, it does seem to be working correctly now.