Veeer is a Fantastic (and Free) Window Manager for Mac

If you're running multiple screens, this is the way to go. Amethyst open source, free Tiling window manager for OS X similar to xmonad. For me, the killer feature of BetterSnapTool is the ability to define custom window sizes and link them all to keyboard shortcuts. BetterSnapTool has some serious issues with Yosemite.

Window management for macOS in 2018

My multitouch scrolling slows down after a day or so, which is immediately fixed by closing and opening BetterSnapTool. I just switched to Spectacle. HyperDock brings advanced window management features to Mac OS: Automatically resize windows when dragging to screen edges Window Snapping. If you like snapping windows the the edges of the screen or other windows as in many X window managers , you will love this.

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Snap to a grid to line windows up similar to Divvy. Automatically raise windows when the mouse moves over them. Show information overlay, so you can precisely set the dimensions if you need to. This is the application I've been looking for! Thank you for posting it. I came for the hover-moving and resizing, but I'm staying for the magnetism.

The app can also be tested before buying, directly from thier home page, irradiatedsoftware.

Window Manager

Afloat free Keep windows afloat heh on top of all others. Pin windows to the desktop new!

Organize Your Workspace

Move windows from anywhere, not just the title bar. Turn a window into an "overlay" on your screen that doesn't hinder your work.

The Problem

Show a window's file in the Finder with nothing more than your keyboard. Resize windows from anywhere, not just the corner new! Notably, does not work on Carbon applications, like Finder and iTunes. Also, hasn't been updated since July e. The effect can be toggled with a keyboard shortcut Intensity is adjustable with a mouse gesture Options for handling multiple monitors.

HazeOver is a great idea, and is well-implemented I got it through the Setapp subscription service. I especially like the multi-monitor support. This means I can have, for example, an editor window highlighted on my main screen, and at the same time a window of a different app such as Preview or Safari highlighted on my secondary screen. It complements rather than replaces the need for window management though, so I recommend combining it with another app, such as Moom. I don't like full-screen mode - too much empty space - and I love being able to switch easily between apps or windows, so HazeOver has been perfect for me: Sticker Free Mouse only or mouse and keyboard.

Drag a window to the part of the screen you want the window to fill, hit an arrow key and it snaps the window to where you want it to be.

Veeer is a Fantastic (and Free) Window Manager for Mac • Beautiful Pixels

It also allows dragging of windows to the side and top edges to snap windows to half screen or maximize sides for half and top to maximize Here's a link to the video for more details http: After testing a few, this one is the easiest and offer the best features for free. I use it combined with Afloat to have floating windows and windows on all spaces. I'm using it on latest Yosemite. SimoneGianni Great to know you liked it and thanks for the good word. Please continue telling people about it. I love the simplicity. I need nothing more. Haven't tried the others.

They appear to give me what I wasn't looking for in the first place. I just needed full, left, right, fill. Sticker is doing just that. Sticker has mouse snapping , and does it really nice, spectacle does keyboard shortcuts excellently. I've been using this for about 6months and it's reliable, lightweight and exactly what I was looking for.

Unfortunately, I had troubles when using multiple monitors that were on a different sides of the Macbook. Great app but it doesn't seem to know about the applications running on the machine and only can identify by title, so doesn't work well for Chrome browser, for example. There is a means of specifying a regular expression to match the title which is fine for geeks like me but kind of wonky. It would be nice to be able to name the configurations, e. But it's a lifesaver overall and I strongly recommend it. TomHarrisonJr You can set a custom name on a stored layout by double clicking on the name.

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Amending my comment; turns out you can identify an application such as Chrome using the "Link Active Window To This solved the issue I reported in cases where it wasn't always working. Great app. Lists all your open app windows with a preview. Type to search the list. Also searches your open tab titles from Safari, Google Chrome and Terminal. Mouse positioning with a grid and buttons. Create new positions and save them to the menubar. Keyboard shortcuts to position windows, move them freely around the screen and snap them to the screen edges.

Highly customizable user interface. Don't want to reboot a post, but doing it anyway. But it seems this app has presets, so with one click set all window sizes. Is that correct or should every window be set manually, one at a time? SizeWell Donations accepted. For me, the features and configurability are just right: Move and resize virtually any window without touching the mouse Move and resize by 1, 10, pixels at a time or to the edge of the current screen [in fact, freely configurable in the Prefernce file! Haven't heard about most of the others. NuKit No longer available The feature set of this newcomer includes a mouse-driven window mover and resizer.

Spectacle (Free): Arrange Your Windows With Quick Keyboard Shortcuts

I just found this searching for Alfred plugins. Contrary to the first bullet, Flexiglass seems able to only resize from the lower right corner whereas Linux would resize the corner of the quadrant you started dragging in. In testing, I also found the motion very choppy. It might have been difference in , I don't recall. Once you find out what Veeer is capable of doing to your windows, your productivity increases exponentially.

ChunkWM tutorial on macOS!

Even then, I like what Veeer offers and currently have it running on my Mac. If you work with multiple windows and need a window manager for Mac in your life, you should get Veeer. You can reach him on Twitter preshit. Home About Advertise Contact. You can create custom trackpad gestures to do just about anything, design any keyboard shortcuts you want, and even add custom Touch Bar buttons. This program brings Windows-style window snapping to macOS, meaning you can drag any window to the side of the screen to quickly make it take up half the screen.

You can also drag a window to the top of the screen to make it take up the entire space, or to a corner to make it take up one-quarter. Even better: This is all really nice, but BetterTouchTool also lets you design custom touchpad gestures or keyboard shortcuts for arranging windows even more quickly, and to a number of other specifications.

I like to use a two-thirds one-third split, for example, and this lets me do that. The app is also available on SetApp , if you have a subscription. You can choose whichever keyboard shortcuts you want, and there are no gimmicks once everything is working.